There’s a move, a shift, a stirring across the world… It’s an awakening, a new consciousness… And you’re invited to be part of the great change…

This is about a whole new breed of religion, a true and living church, a spiritual community.
Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven is within you. Let's bring heaven to earth today!

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At City Awakening we show you how your inner world creates your outer world. You learn how to transform your finances, health & relationships. And live a more abundant life.

If you yearn to reconnect with your purpose, open your heart and restore your joy and zest for life, welcome home!

Grace Black - Quantum Healer
Transformational energy worker committed to holding space for the sacred feminine and Mary Magdalene energy to heal our planet.

Warren Black - Prophet/Teacher
Uncovering truths in all religions and bringing them together into a new breed of spirituality to usher in a new evolution for humanity.

Steve Plummer - Pastor/Wordsmith
Wordsmith and teacher with a gift to simplify esoteric and metaphysical wisdom so it is easily understood by everyone.

FREE "Abundance Code Clearing"

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You’ve been led to this page for a reason… you’ve likely felt the world’s energy shifts on some level… and your search has brought you here to continue your awakening journey…

In today’s end times traditional religion is dead. City Awakening is a New Breed of Church that practises the religion of tomorrow today. Ken Wilber in his “Religion of Tomorrow” says the new religions will awaken consciousness of the individual in a structured orderly manner.

Our work gives focus to your inner awakening, to your spiritual growth.

Together we create a REAL and CONSCIOUS church, family and community as we head towards ascension and the remarkable 5D energy ahead.

We’re with you every step of this amazing evolutionary journey.

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City Awakening

Inspirational StoriesFrom Our Community

We've helped thousands of people just like you. Read their stories and imagine the potential you have to improve your life!

Christine Evans

Christine Evans

Member since 2018

"I met Warren Black in May 2018 shortly after he had his encounter with The One. He related his experience at a small group webinar, which I was attending. As he was explaining what had happened & how the Council of Nine had instructed him on his role to clean up the planet, I instantly knew that what he had to say was true. My whole body felt as though it was covered in white light. I knew in that moment that I had to do something to help. I was asking energetically “What can I do? “ Shortly after that, we met in Perth & Warren invited me to join his new Facebook page which he was setting up called “The Awakening Within” & to attend a “Manifestation” course he was currently conducting. I was really drawn to what he was teaching & decided to invest in learning as much as I could from him.

Since then, I have been attending most of his courses. The knowledge, wisdom & enthusiasm Warren has for this work is amazing, as are the clearings which he & William (his son) perform often now during sessions of the courses. It soon became apparent that there is a much bigger purpose behind the webinars. I discovered that my original question a few months ago, “What can I do?”, is being answered. I am learning so much day by day & being cleared of dark energy & I am starting to understand what it is that I can do to help Warren save the planet.

Through Warren, I have had Heavenly Beings who are determined to save this planet telling me what they expect of me. It’s an amazing experience & I am learning all the time. Also, Warren & William have cleared so much negative energy from me including karmic issues from many lifetimes ago. Sounds incredible? Well, it is. I feel really humble, yet empowered & privileged, to be part of this incredible battle to win back this planet & I thank Warren & those from the Heavenly Realms who have chosen me to work with them".

Alexia Frazier

Alexia Frazier

Member since 2018

“My name is Alexia Frazier, I live in the United States and I have been involved in the City Awakening work for a little over 2 years now. In this time the amount of value and support on my spiritual path I have received has been incredible. I now have a deeper understanding and clearer perspective on biblical scripture and can practically use those teachings in my every day life. The auric clearings I’ve received through Warren and City Awakening have helped me tremendously in all areas of my life.

I feel lighter, I am making more money, I am more clear about what my path and purpose here is, and I go through any blocks or hardships with ease and a level head. City Awakening has helped me develop a stronger connection to Christ and my higher self. I have also taken auric clearing certifications through City Awakening that has taken my clearing abilities and energy work to the next level, it helped give me structure and confidence as well as guidance for starting my own business around healing.

City Awakening seems very committed and passionate to assist humanity with self mastery, and creating a sacred link with the Divine. I highly recommend Warren and Grace Black, and their team at City Awakening for removing all blocks, dark energy, and limitations in reaching ascension. Warren is quite frankly a spiritual genius who will inspire and teach you to be the best version of your divine self that you can be.

Sam Buckley

Sam Buckley

Member since 2019

“As a young single mum with 2 kids I had got very frustrated about church and where their priorities lay. I had questions I never seemed to get answers to. I felt their priorities should have been different if they were truly operating from a biblical perspective.

I ended up deciding to leave and not return to a church as I didn’t get anything I needed from there. This was until I found City Awakening.

These guys were alive and teaching deeper truths that really resonated with me. They connected science with spiritual teachings instead of dead religious garbage.

As I participated, I found my life changing for the better. It’s online so easy to attend. Their teachings and trainings are truly life changing. I can definitely say I have become “awakened”.

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